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Thinking Networks - the Large and Small of it (eBook)

ByKieran Greer

It is clear today how much people are dependent on digital information sources. As this dependency grows then so will the demand for a higher quality of information, where we are now moving into a service-based environment. This book describes different aspects of such an environment and is both important and timely for future Internet-based or mobile information networks. It considers specifically how intelligence can be added to these networks and what added benefits the intelligence might bring. For example, can a network intelligently optimise the services that it provides, or work out how to solve a more difficult task for a user? This book is mainly a research monograph, but also contains blue sky research and informative or teaching sections. The second half of the book discusses some research ideas that propose different levels of reasoning that can be performed over an information network and would be of interest to both academic or industrial researchers looking to build these intelligent systems.


Publication Date
Nov 7, 2009
Computers & Technology
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By (author): Kieran Greer



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