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Solving Equations in Algebra, Student Workbook

Book 6 of Doodles Do Algebra(TM)

ByKirsten West, PhD

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This student workbook is designed as the sixth step to learning Algebra. The key to teaching Algebra successfully is to have a curriculum that is as flexible as possible. A child's learning capabilities grow and develop constantly so a text that fits perfectly at the start of the school year might not work after a few months. This curriculum is designed to accommodate the growing and changing maturity of a child throughout the year. Algebra Can Be Easy for Anyone to Teach Any Child Each book in the series is available as both a teacher's guide and a student workbook for use in a tutoring group, small class, or homeschool. No additional texts are needed. Parents with any educational background will be equipped to teach the subject using the teacher's guide as a resource. Designed for Gifted, 2e, Special Education, and Everything Between Different ways of thinking about and explaining each lesson are included in the teacher's guide to accommodate children who are gifted, or dyslexic, or prefer nearly any learning style. Flexible and Friendly Individual worksheets work as a stand-alone curriculum, or as reinforcement and supplemental practice. This book is the result of years of teaching children, teens, and adults. Students will learn why algebra works, not just how to use it. Topics Learned in This Book This, the sixth in the Doodles Do Algebra™ series is focused on solving simple equations. Your child will use all the basic tools they have learned to this point, along with some elimination techniques to solve first degree equations with two and more unknowns. The section ends by walking your child through the classic physics problem: when will two messengers meet? ● solving equations ● simple equations with one unknown ● solving word problems that include one unknown ● solving two equations, 2 unknowns (1)elimination by substitution (2)comparison (3)elimination by addition and subtraction ● solving 3 equations, 3 unknowns ● solving word problems with multiple unknowns ● meaning of a negative solution (answer) All Books in the Curriculum Series Book 1: Starting Out with Mental Algebra Book 2: Unknowns and the 29 Articles of Algebra Book 3: The Basic Math of Algebra Book 4: Factors and Multiples in Algebra Book 5: Working with Fractions in Algebra Book 6: Solving Equations in Algebra Book 7: Powers, Exponents, and Roots in Algebra


Publication Date
Sep 19, 2020
Education & Language
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By (author): Kirsten West, PhD


Interior Color
Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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