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Present! The essence of authentic presenting

ByJennet BurghardKoos Wolcken

Present! offers you a surprisingly simple way to present yourself authentically, based on Speaking Circles®. No tips or tricks on how to stand and what to say to impress. The essence comes down to this: speak in a way that makes people listen and listen in a way that makes people speak. How do you do this? Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles®, puts it this way: “To be heard now, you have to be here now”. Literally, be present in the here and now when you communicate. With clear explanations, personal notes and practical exercises, Present! is a unique and instantly useful book on presenting. Here the emphasis lies on authenticity and connection. Being connected with yourself and your audience. Present! is a gift for anyone who communicates with groups. It is intended for both experienced and inexperienced speakers. For those who experience fear of public speaking and those who want to perform less and be more authentic in their communication.


Publication Date
Jun 2, 2015
Personal Growth
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By (author): Jennet Burghard, By (author): Koos Wolcken



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