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Thesis: Reclamation 2009

ByKristina Nisbet

A large portion of San Francisco’s waterfront is separated physically, culturally and psychologically from the city’s inhabitants. This is due in part to the maritime industrial operations from the 20th century. These industries that once acted as the primary connection for the city to the world, no longer serve the same purpose. The advancement of technologies in the post-industrial era allows for the redevelopment of these waterfront sites. Pier 70, once the largest shipbuilding yard on the west coast, has now dramatically shrunk, giving San Francisco the opportunity to create an alternative environment that allows for the reconciliation between the city and the waterfront. This project is an exercise in urban planning and architectural infill for Pier 70 in San Francisco. It explores how program and urban layout can assist in bringing people to the site to reconnect with the historical content, with each other, and with the lost waterfront


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
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By (author): Kristina Nisbet



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