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Doxology in the Dark

Doxology in the Dark

ByKristine K. Lowder

Is anyone at home in the universe? asks the author in this probing work which visits the ancient conflict between Good and Evil, tragedy and triumph, unanswered prayer, sin, and the impending death of a friend from a terminal disease. If Someone is home, the book continues, who is he? And if he’s really in charge, then what in the Sam Hill is going on here? In this brief but pithy personal narrative, author Kristine K. Lowder explores these and other cosmological questions by taking readers to a summer spray pool, camp, an archery lesson, the Washington state coast, ancient Aztec civilization, and brief forays into Robert Frost, Shakespeare, Pilgrim’s Progress, the legend of William Tell, and Mother Goose. The bulk of this book was written in less than a week, but potential answers—from a lay person’s perspective and often nuanced in song—may reverberate much longer.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Kristine K. Lowder



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