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What You Need to Know About Kids

ByKristine K. Lowder

Ever want to know what a real man is, how to build a snow fort, charge up San Juan Hill, travel in space, deal with pesky brothers, why we have money, or what Jesus is like? Author Josiah Lowder reveals answers to these questions and more in his first book, "What You Need to Know About Kids." Replete with the sage wisdom of a six year-old on all the big and little questions of life, "What You Need to Know About Kids" includes Josiah's observations on how to fly a space shuttle, deal with sibling rivalry, survive a tangle with blackberry bushes and "three dusty days of rubber bands." Additional chapters include What You Need to Know About: Babies, Ladies, Marines, Pastor Kent, Shiloh Bible Camp, and "little kids trying to destroy the weekend." "What You Need to Know About Kids" is more than a children's book--it's a life adventure seen through the eyes of a loquacious first grader. Told in Josiah's own words, this book will bring a mist to your eye and a smile to your heart.


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Oct 1, 2011
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By (author): Kristine K. Lowder



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