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Sator Koronados - English Version

Sator Koronados - English Version

The Power of God the Father

ByMSK SVDDKumander Sator

The secret wisdom of God or so -called Esoteric Wisdom has not yet been fully revealed to mankind. Few know this. It is said that in ancient times our prophets like Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon and others, the angels of God spoke to them as their guide and taught them wonderful things in the midst of the vision of the people. There were angels who taught esoteric wisdom to our ancestors. And only those who are worthy can have it. But in many years or what we call the time of the modern generation, what is written in the Book of the Prophet Daniel was fulfilled. That in the time of the end, human wisdom and knowledge will increase. Open the books of wisdom whether overt or secret wisdom is revealed to men. SATOR KORONADOS Sator Koronados is a spiritual organization of Filipino ancestors in ancient times. This organization uses the secret wisdom of Sator why they also became called them Satorians. They exist on the island of Mindanao especially in the provinces of Bukidnon, north and south Cotabato, Surigao, south and north Agusan and Surigao, Misamis oriental and Misamis occidental. It was not well known in the early period because this organization can be considered as a secret organization unlike other spiritually revealed organizations such as Ilaga, Haring Bakal, Sagrado Corazon Senior AND Philippine Benevolent Missionary Association. This organization was leaded by Apo Nicolas Cabanatan, a great spiritual healer in the province of Misamis oriental. Although some people say that there is also an organization in central Luzon and the island of Kabisayaan that allegedly destroys Sator wisdom, there is no dispute because Sator wisdom is universal or global. It was also reported that in the province of south Cotabato, especially in the town of Tacurong, there was also a Satorians called Sator Katarongan, lead by an ancestor hermit whose his name did not known.


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May 14, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): MSK SVDD, By (author): Kumander Sator



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