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A Malkin is Born - The Inferior (Text Editions)

2-Works describing European men reduced to service by the Eastern female

ByMalkin JamaliKurt Steiner

Two works of female-led fiction and domination open with the text edition of Malkin Jamali’s “A Malkin is Born”, as a devout and god-fearing Indian widow on the south coast of England is given the opportunity to realise her most fervent sexual fantasy. This when a close female friend from the Temple in which they worship describes a way to have what she wants without making a funeral pyre of her most cherished religious beliefs and shows her just what is possible with the right approach. An approach involving low animal cunning, manipulation, and a rigorous and iron-willed approach to bringing her most cherished dream to fruition. A cherished dream she is certain will not be regarded so favourably by the down-on-his luck Englishman who is about to become the target of that cunning and iron-willed manipulation. Finally, we have Kurt Steiner’s masterpiece of mental and sexual manipulation, “The Inferior”; in which a smug English writer living in Cornwall has his life and position turned upon its head by the young Indian woman he had employed as cheap labour to be his live-in housekeeper. A life and position to which she has no intention of allowing him to return. Believable and erotic, fantasy-led fiction for the devotee of the commanding women of the East.


Publication Date
Oct 15, 2020
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By (author): Malkin Jamali, By (author): Kurt Steiner



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