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2020 Intersections: Design for Climate Action Proceedings

2020 Intersections: Design for Climate Action Proceedings

ByPhoebe CrismanKyle Konis

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The symposium explored Design for Climate Action from multiple, intertwined perspectives. In support of the recent AIA Resolution for Urgent and Sustained Climate Action, we encouraged submissions of research and projects that addressed climate change across scales—from building, to community, to the planet. We posed the following questions as a provocation to explore intersections between equity, environment and economic considerations. How are specific issues of climate justice and environmental equity being identified, prioritized and addressed through architectural design, research, education, practice and advocacy? What innovative economic models and practices might transform decision-making and hasten the decarbonization of the built environment? How can the imperative for Climate Action be translated and scaled from the production of relatively few, singular works of sustainable architecture to evidence-based processes for achieving climate goals across virtually all buildings, landscapes and infrastructure? What new theories, research, tools, technologies, processes and collaborations are needed to educate and support architects in designing and implementing effective interventions? How can architects help foster and realize community-based visions of equitable development and climate responsive design? The following papers arose from this call. They were selected from 120 submissions through a blind review by peers from both the American Institute of Architects and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. The papers are grouped into two chapters and explore possibilities for work that connects architectural practice and academia with global and local sustainability challenges. We were encouraged by the rigor, systems thinking, concern for equity and inclusion, and creatively embodied in each research project.


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Apr 30, 2021
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Edited by: Phoebe Crisman, Edited by: Kyle Konis


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