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The Adventures of Trot & Cap'n Bill before they went to Oz - The Sea Fairies, Sky Island

ByL. Frank Baum

'Readers who have followed Dorothy's adventures in the Land of Oz will be interested in Trot's equally strange experiences. Many children implored me to "write something about the mermaids," and I willingly granted the request. "The Sea Fairies"...was received with much approval by my readers, many have written me that they like Trot "almost as well as Dorothy" This story of "Sky Island" has astonished me and I think it will also astonish you. The sky country is certainly a remarkable land.' L. Frank Baum In Sky Island are some other recognisable Oz characters, Button-Bright and Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter. You will also meet the bad Greatly Stately Irately Boolooroo who takes our friends prisoner, and the little blue dog that crows like a rooster, the pretty blue cat that sings like a bird, the soft, blue lamb that chatters like a monkey, the poetic blue parrot that barks like a dog and the fuzzy blue rabbit that roars like a lion. Giant 8.5" x 11" book


Publication Date
Oct 27, 2011
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By (author): L. Frank Baum



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