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Jake and Santa: a magical night| Around the World with Santa Story Book | Best Christmas books for kids


In this Christmas story book, far away a poor mother and her two children live in the region of Utopia. Last Christmas, the two kids received no gifts, but the rest of the town's children had a wonderful time. While a miracle occurs, the mother remains unaware and worries about her children. Jake, a young boy, meets Santa Claus, who whisks him away on a magical adventure. On Christmas Eve, what else do you think will happen? Will the parent be able to afford to buy her kids' gifts or will Jake bring in something? It's a sweet santa book for kindergarten children about how, despite their pain, parents fight hard to retain their kids' happiness. This lovely Santa story book is a fantastic Christmas gift for kids, which includes interesting scenery and characters, all of whom are well designed with vibrant illustrations. This book is moralistic for parents too. While children could be disobedient, treating them with love and empathy will help them get back on the right track. Because of the excellent lesson at the conclusion, this Christmas Santa story book has been one of the perfect Christmas books for little learners. This Christmas book for kids aids in the learning of sequencing, and various morals while providing a visual representation of how the globe appears from above.


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Dec 25, 2021
Travel & Adventure
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