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The Opportunity Paperwork: Learn The Basics of Documenting Awesome

ByLaTonya Bynum

The Opportunity Paperwork celebrates 4 years of resume, curriculum vitae (CV), and cover letter experiences based on the work with over 800+ clients of URA Resource Center, LLC. Over the past 4 years, the Founder / CEO LaTonya Bynum, MPH, CHES has worked consistently at speaking new life into public health students, graduates, new and seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs, government contractors and consultants by sharing what she wishes someone would have told her early on about how to look at the resume as opportunity paperwork and Tool for Career Success. By working with clients, CEO Bynum automated the process of her work into the sharing of resume, CV and cover letter templates. The resume, CV and cover letter templates have proven to be effective at enabling job seekers to better market themselves for their forever home dream jobs where they can learn, grow and share their expertise. The resume, CV and cover letter templates allow job seekers to not only successfully earn interviews but also assist with the interview process to highlight related experience. With the closing of career centers and the increased need for a talented pool of job seekers, the opportunity paperwork ebook provides one solution towards lowering the unemployment rate. Each chapter of the ebook highlights the Bynum Resume Writing Technique for learning the basics of documenting AWESOME to win employment opportunities and more. There are 10 Phases of Bynum Resume Writing Technique: Self Reflection, Reinvention, Documentation, Application, Interview Recruitment, Scripting, Record, Branding, Marketing and lastly Consulting. By working through all 10 phases readers will be able to prepare the winning documentation necessary eventually leading to multiple streams of income such as employment, business contracts, client projects, freelance work, consulting gigs, and teaching opportunities.


Publication Date
Feb 11, 2021
Business & Economics
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By (author): LaTonya Bynum



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