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18 Steps to Student Loan Consolidation

18 Steps to Student Loan Consolidation

ByLaTwanya Blissett

Sometimes in life we make bad choices when it comes to our fiances and we feel as though we don't have a choices but we always have options. We live life based on the american dream and that's starts with education but with almost everything in life there's always a catch. We spend an average of 4 more years on education and become $50,000 or more in debt because we want success and education can bring success and also high loan debt. Being faced with default, Garnishing of pay and scared to file income taxes because of our student loan is in default, can feel like a never ending process but there are options. My simple 18 step consolidation gets straight to the point, no detours, no frustrating instructions. Don't consider paying hundred or thousands on student loan consolidations when your already in debt and its zero cost to you just 30 mins of your time. In 45 days you can either go back to school if that's a goal or you just want to be debt free. Live life stress free when you have options..


Publication Date
Sep 4, 2016
Personal Growth
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By (author): LaTwanya Blissett



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