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The Compound Yellow Manual of Prompts, Provocations, Permissions & Parameters for Everyday Practices

ByJorge LuceroLaura Shaeffer

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On the occasion of being invited to participate in the Hyde Park Art Center's "Artists Run Chicago 2.0", the experimental art space Compound Yellow produced its first book. "The Compound Yellow Manual of Prompts, Provocations, Permissions and Parameters for Everyday Practices" is an edited book that brings together 60 of Compound Yellow's hundreds of affiliates for the first time ever. The book--edited by Jorge Lucero (aka ConceptualArt Andteaching) and Laura Shaeffer--is simultaneously a work of scholarship and a work of art, it is curated and emergent, it is about one kind of practice and about hundreds. The book, not unlike Compound Yellow itself, functions as hub (a place where ideas come in and out of). Some of the contributions are made for contemplation and some of them for activation; all of them are meant for generativity. Contributors to this compendium include: Alberto Aguilar, Anon Anym, Atlan Arceo-Witzl, Katrin Asbury, Robert Beshara, Bless & the Overgraduators, Jessica Charlesworth & Tim Parsons, Alexander DeGraaf, Tiny Domingos, Rachel Epp Buller, Tony Foley, Conrad Freiburg, Matthew Girson, Shawn C. Greene, Ryan Griffis, Judith Heineman, Hannah Hirsekorn, Brian Holmes, Holly Holmes, Regin Igloria, Luke Joyner, Curtis Locke, Gwenn-Aël Lynn, Mary King, Hani Moustafa, N55, Justin Nalley, Anders Nilsen, Frederick Nitsch, Andrew Nord, Jasper Nord, Teresa Pankratz, Andrew Paterson, Lorenza Perelli, Erik Peterson, Melissa Potter, John Preus, Public Collectors, Maggie Queeney, Allison Peters Quinn, Alisa Reith & Matthew Nicholas, David Schalliol, Katrin Schnabl, Doug Shaeffer, Laura Shaeffer, Edra Soto, Connie Spreen, Albert Stabler, Randall Szott, Rachel Wallis, Sean Ward, Tessa Windt, Natalie Wright, JI Yang, Vicky Wei-Hsuan Yen With and introduction by Jorge Lucero


Publication Date
May 11, 2020
Art & Photography
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Jorge Lucero, Edited by: Laura Shaeffer


Interior Color
Black & White
A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

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