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God, Guns and Greed: A Dangerous Path for America

God, Guns and Greed: A Dangerous Path for America

ByLeah Burton

From the moment Sarah Palin walked across the stage in Minnesota after being announced as McCain's Vice Presidential candidate in 2008, a new tide of religious conservatism erupted. This is the former Religious Right on steroids. New candidates who echo her same zealotry are now forming the frontrunners for the GOP 2012 nomination. God, Guns and Greed is a primer to the strange but powerful elements of religious extremism that are enjoying a resurgence in American politics. This is not a handful of devoted Christians expressing their freedom of speech. It is a political ideaology, masking as religion, that crosses denominational lines, and dictates the belief that God has ordered followers to both take actual physical dominion over the Earth, and specifies that the "End Times" cannot (or will not) come until this is achieved. When believers in this terrifying philosophy are also running for offices as high as the President of the United States, all Americans need to sit up and take notice.


Publication Date
Sep 27, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Leah Burton



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