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Unapologetically Called: The Stolen Bible

ByLeandra Flucker

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Unapologetically Called: The Stolen Bible is a passionate and personal analysis of a life in crisis of a low income working-class African-American woman. The disintegration of a young woman’s mental strength has never before been written about as descriptively from the inside. Evangelist Leandra Flucker tells the true story of what true spiritual decline feels like when you were born with a calling hung around your neck. The story begins with a glimpse into the life of a young woman in her late twenties with the hope of escaping the dreadful poverty around her. However, tragedy struck her small family and the crisis took over her home. Leandra quickly found herself dealing with the death of a child, the brokenness of her marriage, and the loss of her faith in God. As the saga of Unapologetically Called: The Stolen Bible plays out, we learn that Leandra’s struggle with the demands of her low income life lands her in legal trouble. She is faced with the reality that she may never fully escape the legacy of poverty, and trauma so characteristic of her part of America. With dramatic honesty, Leandra shows how she herself carries around the chaos painted in her mind. A deeply moving testimony, with its share of humor and vividly colorful figures, Unapologetically Called: The Stolen Bible is the story of how rock bottom really feels. And it is an urgent and troubling meditation on the misconception of the American dream for a disenfranchised segment of this country.


Publication Date
Oct 14, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Leandra Flucker


Interior Color
Black & White
Royal (6.14 x 9.21 in / 156 x 234 mm)

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