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CVC VERI a Guide to the Epic of the Martian Empire

ByLee Streiff

"CVC VERI a guide to the Epic of the Martian Empire," written by Lee Streiff, is a True Story about a young boy and his friends, back in 1937 thru 1948, that create a game of an Alternate imaginary world in Space where they can role play different Characters and beings and visit many places. Values and Humor is a theme that runs thru many of their outlandish and fanciful adventures and their world of the Martian Empire grows throughout the USA during the WW11 years with their correspondence that is put into the Martian New letter, started by Lee, on a hectograph machine and circulated back, to the boys overseas. The Martian Empire finally comes to an end in 1948. But, in 2001 a book of these connected tales is put into a book called: " The Streetcar to Andromeda." by Celeste Streiff Hammond. The Guide book is an Exquisite record of how it all began and a set up for the Streetcar to Andromeda book.


Publication Date
Mar 17, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Lee Streiff



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