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An Alternative View of God

ByLen Payne

Who, or what, is God? Where was He before the ‘Big Bang? Does He still exist? Do we need a Magician in charge of the universe or can it manage quite well on its own? Did we evolve unaided or was our development helped? Is God, rather than being the Omnipotent Deity that many claim today, merely a word used now to identify, perhaps, a group of itinerant space travellers who chanced this way and, for whatever reason, created us in their image from such resources as were available on site? In offering ‘An Alternative View of God’ this book addresses all of the questions raised above. Starting with the premiss that he does not believe in magic or miracles the author searches for an alternative explanation for events attributed to, or associated with, God that is no more far fetched than conventional religious wisdom, is not based on any prejudice or wishful thinking, does not require him to engage in the mental acrobatics associated with ‘an act of faith’ and fits the known facts at least as well.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Len Payne



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