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Prayer & Watchfulness: The Power & Shield of Greatness

Prayer & Watchfulness: The Power & Shield of Greatness

ByLenuf E. U.

What are the secrets of great people from different fields of life since the beginning of the world? Different things, characters, attitudes, values, practices, philosophies, methods etc were put together by great people to be who they were or are. Prayer and watchfulness are mighty secrets of greatness, which never fail. In this book, it is revealed, -“Prayer has no limit in solving problems. No problem on earth that prayer cannot solve.” -“Prayer changes this cursed world of limitation to the world of possibility for those that pray” -“Prayer can resurrect the dead and buried brain and enthrone it to reign in the palace of success over the former best people.” -“If you can pray, you can bring down wealth from heaven. If you can pray down the hanging wealth from heaven, you can have it as your own.” Check the content of the book, page by page, to learn more and how.


Publication Date
Nov 2, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Lenuf E. U.



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