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The Indomitable Power of Determination & Steadfastness

ByLenuf E. U.

What are the secrets of great people from different fields of life since the beginning of the world? Different things, characters, attitudes, values, practices, philosophies, methods etc were put together by great people to be who they were or are. One of the secrets that great people used to get to where they reached is determination and steadfastness. Lenuf reveals, “All people who have achieved in life travelled long distance before they got to where they are, and that was not without discouraging obstacles;” “The road to success, achievement, and wealth is full of obstacles and very far; it takes a man of determination and steadfastness to get to the end of it.” He therefore advises, “Desire is not enough to be the person you dream to be in life; you need to back up the dream with unbroken determination and steadfastness in spite of all difficulties on the way to the achievement.” This book will show you how to get this done.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Personal Growth
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By (author): Lenuf E. U.



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