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The Power & Acts of Love

ByLenuf Eninobor

Pastor Lenuf in his Lenuf University of King Solomon (LUKS) just presents a book on Marriage & Courtship Management (MCM). With this book you can self manage your courtship and get it translated into a successful marriage. With this book, your crumbling marital home can be repaired to your dreamed home. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not to be endured. This book comes to make your marriage a castle of full enjoyment. In this book, the Pastor uses the Lenuf's Typical Stages of Marriage to illustrate the variation of marital love with time. He takes time to reveal how you can fortify your courtship and marriage with these 12 powerful instruments: Acceptance and Perception, Development, Value and Preference, Marital Defence, Readiness, Marital Pride, Praise, Love, Plays of Love, Passion, Love-Winning Names, & Divine Help. These are the eleven (12) tips and principles for successful Marriage and Courtship Management. Read now and get your marriage to the peak enjoyment and stability.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Lenuf Eninobor



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