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Clinical Laboratories: The Practical Application of a Theoretical Model for the Early Detection and Initial Response to a Covert Large-Scale Bio-Terror Assault with Anthrax Spores.

ByLeslie J. King, Ph.D.

In this study, the researcher performed a meta-analysis of published research articles containing keywords for the early detection and initial response to a large-scale covert attack with anthrax. The meta-analysis results were used to formulate a model for the early detection and initial response for clinical laboratories. The research model was then compared to data collected from clinical laboratory administrators who took part in a semi-structured interview pertaining to the current clinical laboratory practices from various clinical laboratory settings in a Midwest city of approximately one million citizens. The research findings of this study resulted in identifying that the American public remains vulnerable to a large-scale covert attack with anthrax. This is because the traditional beliefs, standard operating procedures, and the need to make a profit dictate the clinical laboratory profession, not the increasing threat of a biological attack and the danger to the American public.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Leslie J. King, Ph.D.



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