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Baz, Jazz, Stoney and Ralph

ByLewlin Chard

On a night out in London, Baz, Jazz, Stoney and Ralph get away with the rape and murder of a young Chinese woman. Fiona Cassatt helps a young American woman, Lisa, to flee from her violent husband. Five years later, in New York, Fiona learns from Lisa’s mother, Alessandra Giaquinto, that Lisa has died, and has left Fiona her house in England. The FBI is monitoring the Giaquintos, they are a leading Mafia family, and Fiona’s meeting is reported to Commander Ross Morris, of the UK Organised Crime Unit. When Fiona claims her inheritance, she discovers that it is still occupied by Lisa’s husband, Barry (Baz) Frith. A murder occurs, and Ross believes the killing is Mafia linked. Two of the surviving quartet secretly thinks it is the Triads, in retaliation for the Chinese woman. The other is sceptical. Investigating officer, DI Coren Curran, who was a detective sergeant on the scene of the murdered Chinese woman, believes there is a connection. Mayhem is to follow.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Lewlin Chard



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