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English Memoirs pt.1

ByLexmilian de Mello

This eBook is a PERSONAL book with a few commentaries extracted directed from Lexmilian’s diary – author of ‘Percarus’. This book is not intended to be for sale but ought a reader desire to peruse its contents then a hefty sum will be charged to compensate for the lack of ‘donations’ obtained from the author’s other book at: * * * Despite an initial readership of over five thousand candidates only a single person donated any funds towards Lexmilian’s first book. Funds from this published book, ‘English Memoirs’, will go towards supplementing the charity organizations as intended on the first publication. * * * ‘English Memoirs’ contains a series of archived philosophy blog postings selected at random from Lexmilian’s personal compilations. It ought to prove to be an interesting short read and its genre does require some acquired taste. * * * A5 size pages with inclusion of original mistakes unedited. * * *(NOTE: Lulu keeps ~22% of profits if bought through here) * * *


Publication Date
Jul 2, 2013
Biographies & Memoirs
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Lexmilian de Mello



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