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How to Create a Trade Mark, Protect It and Build Your Brand

ByLiam Birkett

You will learn how to devise your trade mark The essential steps to ensure that you can use the mark How to register and protect it How to exploit multiple types of trade marks The misconceptions regarding company names Errors relating to domain names How to use your branding to get free publicity How to add value to your brand A strategy to follow for expansion Practical examples of trade marks You will benefit from knowing the direct route to creating a strong branding. Everything in this book is fully supported with a wide range of examples from real life experiences. I will save you time, money and heartache by telling you what to do and what to avoid. Read how dangers can be avoided, businesses improved, new angles for old business, create new lines and obtain free publicity. Learn how to go about devising your trade mark. The essential steps to ensure that you can use, register and protect it. Read how easy it is to add value to your brand and use branding to get free publicity.


Publication Date
Apr 12, 2016
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Liam Birkett



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