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Elska Ekstra (3.5) Olafur H

ByLiam Campbell

What can I say about Ólafur H? He's both utterly charming and also bloody annoying. I so much wanted his pics to make it into the final version of the magazine, but he didn't submit his text until after the mag already went to the printers. So of course he was going to get an Elska Ekstra to his own once he finally got that text submitted! While it's a shame that he didn't make it into Issue (03), in some ways it's fitting that he gets an Elska Ekstra to himself. While the boys usually submit a 300 word text (that's one page in the mag), Ólaf sent in over 2000 words, every one of which is worthy of being in print. His story is touching too, an autobiographical tale taking us through the straight, bi and gay chapters of his life. It's the sort of story that could and should be fleshed out into a full book one day! And his images, well, at 54 years he is our most mature Elska boy, and we are proud to have some DILF representation alongside the youngsters. 59 PAGES INCLUDING 4 TEXTS


Publication Date
Feb 16, 2016
Art & Photography
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Liam Campbell



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