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Bash for Fun

Bash Programming: Principles and Examples

ByLibor Spacek

Possibly the most exciting thing about Bash and this book is just how quickly one can move ‘from zero to hero’ . That is, start implementing practical projects that would otherwise be quite challenging and long winded to do in most modern programming languages. Real programming is a skilful art, especially programming in Bash. Art is not easily learnt from manuals. Not even from pedagogically perfectly organised treatises full of exhortations and exercises. Manuals are for looking things up, same as are search engines on the internet. By all means, look up the details as and when needed but read this first. The ignorant ‘clicking of buttons’ has done much disservice to laudable ambitions of programming education over the past four decades or so. It is time to rediscover the ancient lore! You, too, will become a wizard of retro programming. Armed with this book, you will massively increase your productivity and gain true ownership of your device. This book is based on the author’s lifetime experience with using and teaching numerous programming languages. This experience has shown that by far the most effective way to learn programming is to play with fun examples. Programming is getting more and more complex. Following current trends, we might lose ownership of it altogether. It may become a reserve of the last few dorks alive, who can still (just about) cut it and paste it, in their own narrow field, using proprietary applications libraries that someone long ago dead has bequeathed onto them. That would be a sad, dystopian world. Is such a bleak future really inevitable? Perhaps not, if this book manages to inspire you towards rediscovering the joys of 'owning' programming and sharing its fruits.


Publication Date
Dec 24, 2021
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Libor Spacek



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