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ByLieve van Hout

I am Gabriel. My angelic qualities aren´t limited to my name, my body is heavenly too. I study business in Oxford, but what I´m mainly into, is men and making art. Kinetic art. With my body and the bodies of others. Like some members of Monty Python, who studied in Oxford as well, my studies are mainly intended to have something to fall back on in case my artistic career doesn´t work out. Oxford is one of the few cities in England that is bicycle friendly. I gladly make use of that and have a glittering owl as a hood ornament. This way, it is immediately obvious to the world that I´m gay. The last quality anyone would ascribe to me is shyness. I also make static art, which is usually explicit in nature, including minion erotica. Some of my artwork I have included in the digital version of this book to share with you. I also share some of the ways in which I successfully seduce men, as well as the subsequent bum fun, which is usually scrumptious. I don´t guarantee that the same seduction tactics will work for you unless you look like me. Looks are a big determining factor in this kind of success, which is why I don´t buy into the kind of books that claim to help someone to become more successful in the art of seduction. But a large part of the fun is the chase, so I encourage you to try any of my lines. Worst case scenario, you pay somebody a tremendous compliment. 22 might be a bit young for a biography. But the main consideration needs to be whether or not I have something interesting to share, which I think I do. I provide you with a look inside of the life of an aspiring gay adult film star anno 2020, sharing my work, my art, as well as my dating life. I can´t help but laugh out loud when I read some of this back. I hope it will have the same effect on you.


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Feb 1, 2021
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By (author): Lieve van Hout



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