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Leadership Perspectives

ByLihle MqayiZion Publications

Leading with credibility remains our responsibility in every positional role entrusted to us by those who believe we can create a better future for all. However, we cannot deny that there are those who have positions but still fail to lead; instead, they use those positions to enrich themselves. These are the leaders who negatively influence things and people. This book has been written for the sake of those who aspire to lead. As you study leaders and leadership resources, you will realise that being an aspiring leader has nothing to do with your age or class. You may be older in years, but be a toddler concerning leadership matters. You maybe also have many academic qualifications or be wealthy, but still be clueless when it comes to leadership. Through this leadership resource, you will discover inspirational perspectives that will shape your leadership ability. In addition, you will discover that there is much to learn from nature and man-made products concerning leadership, over and above what you would learn from various institutions of learning. Do not forget your perspective and your perspective will influence your leadership capacity in all spheres of life.


Publication Date
Nov 23, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Lihle Mqayi, Compiled by: Zion Publications



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