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Wealth Affirmation Bible

ByLila louise Silvester

You have in your hands all the affirmations you need to manifest great wealth into your life. If used properly and daily this book will help to change your belief system and bring you great wealth. Dedicate yourself to studying wealth and become rich happy and successful. Money doesn’t bring you happiness, but happiness brings you money. Devote your life to becoming wealthy and successful. Use this book everyday until you have manifested all the wealth you desire!!! If at the moment you are not generating a lot of money into your life then you have a deep seated belief that money is no good for you. I am here to tell you that with money you can make your life and the lives of other much better and money is a beautiful attractive life force. You can earn all the money that you allow yourself to. The only limit on the amount of money you earn is the one you set up for yourself in your mind. So let go of your beliefs and you will see the truth.


Publication Date
Mar 4, 2012
Personal Growth
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By (author): Lila louise Silvester



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