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A Collection of Short Stories: The Words in My Head

ByLIllian Maldia

“Our Home Course” A competitive journey through the eyes of a runner, racing one of the nation's hardest and hilliest cross country courses in order to get their team to the State meet. The short story shows the beauty of the wooded course and admits the pain and struggle in the wake of the Semi-State race. “Pressure Building” The realistic portrayal of internal conflict of being perfect and keeping one’s sanity. The 18 stanza poem is written in a conversation-like style between the perfection striving conscious and the health of one’s body and displays the one’s internal conflict to promote the happiness of others over oneself. The poem outlines the struggles of what it means to be an overachiever and how many sacrifices one has to make to give the outward perception of perfection. The content of this piece shows how even the most perfect or successful people may not be as well put together as they seem. “Blacked Out Memory” Coming out of unconsciousness, Special Agent Anna Tonnes opens her eyes to meet the gaze of her supervisor. Confused and still in fight or flight mode, SA Tonnes is unable to remember her mission and what happened. Painful flashbacks are the only thing she has to piece together what exactly happened on her most reason mission and why she lays on the stretcher in an ambulance. Switching between back and forth timelines in the form of flashbacks, the story leaves you to put the pieces back together with SA Tonnes. The series is a classic crime and action short story with a modern twist.


Publication Date
May 21, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): LIllian Maldia



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