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First Ladies

ByLisa Walker Thomas

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You couldn't find a man or a woman, walking the perimeter between the hours of eleven and one on a Sunday morning in Charleston, South Carolina, those hours are reserved for church. First Lady, Vashti McDaniels is the wife of Pastor Steve McDaniels and the second most powerful woman in Charlotte, a smile and a wave from her gets you into the top tiers of the evangelical community, but a slight turn of her head will get you dismissed. First Lady Vashti is the epitome of style and grace, so regal one would think she never has any trouble, after all she hides the bruises so well. First Lady Savoy Taylor is one of Vashti’s best friends and the wife of Pastor Paul Taylor, his sermons are legendary, powerful, thought provoking and stolen…from his wife. Although the congregation is unaware the words he speaks actually come from her. Savoy is known for her fair and non-judgmental approach. However, after her college sweetheart, Julian returns to Charlotte she finds she’s developed a critical spirit…of her husband and secrets begin to unravel leaving this First Lady running for her life, literally. As the bible says in all thy getting, get an understanding and an understanding is something First Lady Ivy Stone wishes she had. Best friends with Savoy and Vashti, Ivy has had her share of heartache. After losing her faithful and loving husband of fourteen years to a sudden and unexpected heart attack Ivy finds the residuals of his illness leaves her broke and broken. But with all the loss she’s suffered it’s hard to imagine someone would be extorting her. Come turn the pages of First Ladies, you’re in for quite a few twist and turns not seen before as we see what really goes on before the pastor opens the doors of the church.


Publication Date
Aug 1, 2020
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Lisa Walker Thomas


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