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The Life of Byron: John Galt

ByLogoStar Press

Born in Irvine, England, John Galt was the son of a naval captain. When his family relocated to Malden in 1789, Galt became an apprentice and junior clerk, writing essays and stories for local journals in his spare time. He moved to London in 1804 to seek his fortune. In 1809, Galt began studying law at Lincoln's Inn. In 1824, Galt was appointed Secretary to the Canada Company, a charter company established to aid in the colonization of Upper Canada. While in Canada, Galt lived in Ontario, where he founded the town of Guelph in 1827. The town of Galt in Ontario is named after him. While subsequently travelling in Europe, Galt met and befriended Lord Byron. Decades later, he would publish the first full biography of Lord Byron, which is still unsurpassed in terms of accuracy and style. This well-documented biography is an amazing introduction to the extraordinary life and work of this great Romantic genius.


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Oct 2, 2011
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