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How Does Society Define An Addict?

A Working Paper of Ideas on How We Use the Terms Addictions and Addict

ByLoran Joly

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The conventional idea in Society is surely that Addicts are people who use one or more "Substances", and use these in a non-optimal manner, either with respect to themselves or others or both. But according to a few, such as the late Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef, a Cherokee Indian and former therapist, addictions can be exceptionally common; in fact, she wrote a book entitled "When Society Becomes an Addict"; and there was the psychoanalyst of former days, Dr. Karen Horney, who wrote "The Neurotic Personality of Our Time", in which she espoused that a great many in modern times have the malady once referred to as "neuroticism", which might be reinterpreted as a set of defense mechanisms which if used chronically, can be termed, as the author sees it, as Addictions. The author in fact believes it very likely that an addiction is simply the use of one or more related defense mechanisms as discussed by Freud and others, and that this idea encompassed far more than use of a chemical "defense": that we can in fact be using ideas to defend against fears (aka anxiety), and activities, too, which might sometimes include relationships, sex, work, homeowning, raising children, the internet, tv, and more. And moreover, the author cites his belief that the chemical-based addictions may be the least impactful upon a Society and the World, in the long run, if we speculate that many a war or invasion or environmental problem or economic downturn can trace their origins back to commonly held addictions in a Society which eventually reach a tipping point and result in sudden "Shifts", often misinterpreted with respect to the origins. This author takes views from psychoanalysis, which he participated in in his twenties; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; and aspects from the leading Religions, as well as the thinking from Indigenous populations. He is 61 and lives in a town of 30,000 near the Appalachian areas in Kentucky.


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Jul 19, 2022
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Loran Joly


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