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Attending Responding Becoming

An anthology of surprises beyond intention or design

ByLouie J N Gardiner

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This collection of poetry and prose emerged unexpectedly amidst the long days, weeks and years of Louie Gardiner’s doctoral research programme. Whilst grappling with theoretical concepts, and practical, academic and technical challenges, Louie began accessing untapped dimensions of herself. Most surprisingly to her, she gave birth to 34 poems to which she added the accompanying images that make up this anthology. Louie’s insights span personal, relational, natural world and intellectual terrain. In her poetic and visual playground, she hints at her childhood in Zambia; and offers privileged glimpses as she processes her way through relational, mental health and physical challenges. She shares moments of wit, tenderness and wisdom as her poems turn to the death of her father, and later, the COVID 19 pandemic. This book comprises one of several components submitted for Louie’s doctoral research with the Centre for Systems Studies, Hull University Business School. Her doctorate represents the synthesis of a life-time immersed in working in and with complex personal, corporate and academic realms. Through a deeply personal inquiry, she explores the nature of research by positioning herself, not as a researcher abstracted from the process of research, but, as the primary research instrument herself. In so doing, she illuminates what, for her, arose as she followed through on her commitment to embody the reality of complexity principles. This meant attending and responding to (not controlling) what was coming through her, i.e. opening herself up to what was ‘becoming’, beyond conscious intention or design. Louie’s entire body of work represents her living~learning inquiry. Through her evolving praxis – and drawing upon her multi-modal dimensionality as a human being - she comes to embody the untapped paradigm of Natural inclusionality before realising that she is doing so. This realisation resolves and brings coherence, not only to her research, but also her life. In daring to do what she has done, in the way that she has done it - particularly in the academic realm; and in risking sharing all that has become of it, Louie opens the space for others to embrace Natural Inclusionality and to tap into more of who they are and what they might become.


Publication Date
Jul 31, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Louie J N Gardiner


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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