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The Berlin Bear Necessities

ByCTR BerlinRachel Lewis

Made up of multiple boroughs, Berlin is a city of many characters and faces. Not as compact as London or New York, Berlin is a place where you can travel 20 minutes and feel as if you are in a completely different city. Every borough combines to make Berlin a cosmopolitan, diverse and vibrant city. Albeit a relatively new city, Berlin still has a substantial amount of history. Berlin is such a vibrant and inclusive city, that you never want to leave after visiting. From our personal experience, Berlin is a truly great city. We have used our time to experience and collect as many fun memories, moments and great attractions as possible. Hopefully you can use our guide as a basis for your own trip to Berlin, and we hope our guide will help you realise what this wonderful city has to offer.


Publication Date
Aug 7, 2015
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): CTR Berlin, By (author): Rachel Lewis, By (author): Holly Belcher, By (author): Vanessa Chan, By (author): Anna Johansson, By (author): Vladi Nikolov, By (author): Mimi Chambre, By (author): Ken Hutton, By (author): Laura Otterness, By (author): Rea Uudeküll, By (author): Bill McLoughlin, By (author): Michelle Yastremsky, By (author): Tyler Poirier, By (author): Lauren Howard, By (author): Alex Inkley, By (author): Lucy Painter



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