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Elements Management Solutions - EM Field Resolution

ByLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

L.D. Maldonado Fonken, advance EM Know How by developing a tool that will enhance the EM Practitioners capacity to interact, perceive and operate within the EM Field of study. A new advanced systemic method based on the EM 900 Standard: EM Field Resolution. „ In Grece there were no actors or actresses, there were individuals able to activate the power of "letting the gods and goddesses speak through them, letting the archetypes speak and act through them...." EM Field Resolution, have been developed as a method that combined with EM Elements, EM Methods, EM Mandalas and EM Perception models will enhance tottaly the EM Practitioners experience along the EM Field resolution. The EM Field express a variety of challenges, and the EM Systemic approach is one of the methods used to facilitate a sustainable solution for the EM Field accordig to EM900 Standard.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Business & Economics
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By (author): Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken



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