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The 9 Prime Paths - The Divine Golden Family House

ByLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The divine golden family house, have been caring for the Prime Verse, the Quantum Verse, and the Multiverses, since ist birth within prime self loving love heart core source. The following Dokuments will introduce you to key elements of the 9 Prime Pathos and with a chart, describe the organization of the Divine Golden Family House. The prime heart family house chart suggest a self organization model based on blood, social and spiritual relationship. The Prime Heart Family Kin, or unit of life, is cared in ist alignment and stability in the state of prime self union, by the gods and goddesses in prime self union. A non Hierarchie conscioussness and heart based, organic based system of self organization, applied into the 9 dimensions of human ascension. The information of this charts need to be used under advice of a 9 Path Trainer (Master), within the context of prime self union, by Prime Master Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.


Publication Date
Apr 12, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken




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