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The 9% Principle

ByLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

The main purpose of this brief text is to evaluate the sense of a 9% for-Life Tax over the achievements done by an individual thanks to the support, collaboration or facilitation of experiences, process or information, or illusion provided by another one. This document suggests that: “The payment, need to be done, in another sense/field”. In another realm, in another reality of human kind. Some circles, traditions and business people have been claiming that the approach for the 9% in relation to money, used as a payment is the necessary one. Actually many claim that 100% property should be necessary. In our field of work at the multilevel sustainability network, we perceive the 9% principles need to be upgraded in terms of sustainable human collaboration and organic integration of knowledge which avoid top-down property agreements every time the down level learned or achieved something


Publication Date
Dec 22, 2012
Business & Economics
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By (author): Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken



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