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The Prime Family 9 Project

The Prime Family 9 Project

ByLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

If you would have only one life time to renew the DNA of a planet , what would you do? get married and have children? When my prime twin Flame challenged me with her decision of not teaching and not integrating with me the standard family model, a key stone, inherited by current public human history broke into pieces, liberating my heart to my true natural wish, which correctly innerstood, brought me to the family 9, an ascension strategy. Around the year 2000 became well know on earth that human DNA can be changed along one life time several times, through applying Perzeption change, and consciusss emotional self management. Along these years i met my prime twin flames and some twin flames that brought with me the uplifting of human consciousness globally, through our practices of sacred sexuality, oriented to consciouss conception and sacred prime love. Now, out of the prime self union experience with my prime twin Flame have been created a new Paradigma or Paradox, the Prime Family 9 Project.


Publication Date
May 17, 2014
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken



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