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The Secret of the Prime Twin Flame - The Ascension Path

The Secret of the Prime Twin Flame - The Ascension Path

ByLuis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

n the First edition of the Secret of the prime Twin Flame we have been sharing on the Twin Flame Myth, and the Nature of the Prime Twin Flame prime self union, as path to ascension. In this booklet we will describe the path of ascension stages, and elements associated to it, und very simple structured mode. We will first integrale, for those new readers, the same text in german and english „The Secret of the Prime Twin Flame“, to later on in the second part of the booklet dedicate ourselves to the structure of the path and ist elements. There is so much that have been told in our era on twin flames. The twin Flame idea appeared several centuries ago as Expression of the search of own source, embodied organically. The lover, the divine lover, within ourself is the Flame of prime source core, of ourselves in a state of prime self union. While, at the innermost space of prime self union self love, the birth of the prime twin flames make it possible an organic self experience of love.


Publication Date
Apr 12, 2014
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By (author): Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken




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