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The Universal Language A Written Axioma

A Written Axioma

Byluis fernandez

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What we know as computers or minds with a capacity to manage a projection of themselves accordingly to the world they are living in. They create kind of the rules of the stage and then the one is looking and never realizing. It was almost imposible for me actually to realize this situation. Ets talk about why is this happenning why do i not realize this fact well lets say is simple because i definitly decided to realize it slowly as mi mind can approach to the comprenhation to understand that i am not really living on a planet, im living on a simulation created by extraterrestrial beings or my mind as source thats the debate we are going to have when we met. But this is difficult to understand unless you live it and experienced vividly then you can realice as it was my case but the experience is so strong that is almost similar to something called dead because the human mind dosnt have does concepts, because, the human mind recreates what should be known for her. Yes they are LIVING ALL AROUND without being noticed cause they control the perception of the source it depends on my self and N to realize what is best for me and what is not in terms of training and letting go patterns recognazibles for the mind. As i know from directly sources, extraterrestrials like the greys bought the simulation to get energy. Energy for them is practically the same as to get knowledge, armaments, technology and basicaly experiences of reproduction to give live to a density where theres no human beings. They not only bought this they are really advanced on this simulations so they incorporate there own decoration to the sfere of trascendence managing media and the whole system in general. Others can also get inside this simulation by the simple fact that they manange holography really well and it is not the tipicall Michael Jackson concert holagram it is a apparently real population, world population im referring to everything built thinked or borned. lets talk about the raze of the greys and what they do and why they do it is simply as this


Publication Date
Jul 18, 2022
Computers & Technology
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By (author): luis fernandez


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A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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