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Accounting for Non Accountants

Learn Accounting by Common Sense

ByLuis Manuel Fernandez Prado

The contain of this course has been teach in our classes face to face, and in our on-line courses, and are about more than five hundred students that had learn with our methodology. Our methodology, begin from deductive knowledge to inductive knowledge, and then getting back to deductive knowledge. Deductive knowledge observes and rationalizes general aspects, and inductive knowledge observes and rationalizes particularities. Our procedure takes in count one hundred percent the rationalization of the own student, therefore any concept in this course must be rationalized all the time, do not it is necessary using your own memory, when you understand the concept and practice it a little bit it will accompanying you the rest of your existence. Understanding accounting it is beautiful and it is according to the law of the ambivalent, law that take place in the entire universe. Accounting it is not about registering charges or credits, accounting is about how the resources are being obtain and how it is decide to apply those resources. When accounting it is well understood in its own nature, then accounting become the language of business. You will find the exercises proposed and concepts very simple, understanding small and simple, it gives the chance to understand big and more complex. In course you will find exercises as homework, those exercises please feel free sent it to us, and we will give you orientation about how you are advancing in your learning, if we evaluated you need to reinforce your knowledge, will we sent you more exercises in order you can practice and understand better each concept. Enjoy Accounting!.


Publication Date
Aug 27, 2020
Business & Economics
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By (author): Luis Manuel Fernandez Prado



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