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Pentecost New Wine

Summer White Wheat Wedding

ByLuis Vega

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When did the Pentecost of Acts 2 occur? Is this ‘Pentecost’ the same as the Feast of the Jewish ‘Shavuot’? What if nearly 2000 Years of Church History has been wrong about this? What if, in fact there are 3 ‘Shavuots’, which just mean a Counting of 7 Weeks or 49 Days? What if the Interpretation of Leviticus 23:15-16 has been Obfuscated to not reveal that there is a ‘Double-Count’ of 49+1 Day and then a Subsequent Counting of 50 Days? What if this New Understanding of when Pentecost of Acts 2 actually coincided with the Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine? Why is this Topic of importance? It could very well be the Clue to the Timing of the Rapture that will conclude the Church Age Commission and Witness to Jesus. The purpose of this Book is to provide a Compilation of Articles over several Years of ‘Discovery' into the Journey of Identifying where and when the True Count of Leviticus 23:15-16 occurred, i.e., the Feast of New Wine, precisely at a 99th Day Count. The challenge that his Book tackles is what is the Start Date? Why? This initial Start Date will determine the exact Day in which the Feast of New Wine, and thus the Pentecost of Acts 2 occurred. But then, which Calendar? There are the Enochian, Solar and Essene Calendars that are hinged upon the start of the Spring Equinox. This is what one does prefer to take into account. However, within this Solar Calendar, there is a Discrepancy as to what constitutes the New Month, the New Year, etc. In this regard, one will explore and use the various Calendar Start Dates to plot-out the 99 Day Count. The other major Discrepancy has to do, also with Leviticus, of how the Count is determined from the ‘Marrow after the Sabbath’. The Evidence provided will show how that plays-out in determining the True Day of the Acts 2 Pentecost or 2nd Shavuot’. Lastly, the other main way of deterring the Shavuot, at least the 1st one, that the Jews and Christians agree is the Shavuot of the initial 49 Days or Count of 7, 7’s is based on the ‘Counting of the Omer’. However, with the New Understanding of the Temple Scrolls found among the Dead Sea Scroll, there is ample Evidence to collaborate the Notion that in fact, there were 3 Feasts of the First Fruit, beyond the Week of Passover.


Publication Date
Sep 11, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Luis Vega


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