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Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy: Concordia Triglotta

ByLutheran ConfessorsW.H.T. Dau

This is an E-Book version. I also have print versions available. This version has been corrected so that the Latin and German are always on the left and the English is on the right. (Note: A FREE version of the Triglotta can also be accessed on Google Books.) The Concordia Triglotta, published in 1921 for the Quadricentenary Jubilee of the Reformation in 1917, provides the Lutheran Confessions in English, German, and Latin. As more modern editions have been published throughout the years, Triglot Concordias have become a neglected version of the Book of Concord. Although there have been select reprints, any copies available today for purchase are either difficult to find, expensive to buy, or too flimsy to use. This is the reason for the publication of these volumes. The entirety of the Concordia Triglotta has been republished here as two volumes, due to Lulu's 800 page limit. (Notes for Readers: This book is in English, German, and Latin, and was prepared from a scan. Since Lulu uses pages thicker than what the traditional Triglotta would have, this volume is about 1.5 inches thick.) This volume is part of a greater series entitled 'Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy.' The purpose of this series is to present great works of Lutheranism with a focus on the era of Lutheran Orthodoxy, although it also includes prominent works of the 19th and 20th centuries as well. For too long, the rich theology of Lutheranism's past has been limited to libraries' rare book rooms and cumbersome online PDFs. Therefore, this series endeavors to take public domain books of the Lutheran confession and to make them available for anyone who desires these works in the form of a physical print. This series is meant to include mostly original Latin works, but some works may be in German and even in English. The final goal is to create both accessibility and interest for studying and reading the works of Lutheran Orthodoxy, with the hope of creating renewed interest in scholars one day translating the rich theology of Lutheranism. For updates or questions, please reach out to the 'Fathers of Lutheran Orthodoxy' Facebook page.


Publication Date
Jul 19, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Lutheran Confessors, Translated by: W.H.T. Dau, Translated by: F. Bente



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