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The Face of Alzheimer's as Seen from the Heart of a Caregiver

ByLynda Armstrong

In this book I open my heart as a loving testimony of my journey from darkness to light. Pat, was my dearest friend and companion, was drawn away from me through Alzheimer's disease long before her last breath. At times during the years of giving, it seemed my faith had been exhausted. God never leaves us and my poems and writings helped me in the grieving process, thus taking me back again to my faith. As the author I let you feel my pain through poems, faith, definition of the disease. Some valuable advice is offered for the Alzheimer's caregiver that I learned through my hands-on experience with Pat. I try to make it clear that all Alzheimer patients are different, but laughter, selfless love, family, and continued commitment are a few strengths that helped. In my mind, Pat was the one who originally taught me to be a caregiver long before the disease engulfed her. From a shattered heart to a healing pathway, my words are here to help another caregiver's as they take their journey.


Publication Date
Nov 22, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Lynda Armstrong



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