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Earth Guardian

ByMaria YraceburuLynda Yraceburu

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PHOTOGRAPHS BY LINDA YRACEBURU WORDS OF POWER BY MARIA YRACEBURU This edition of Earth Guardian is an awe-inspiring visual journey through sacred sites maintained by the Yraceburu Family. Beautifully photographed by renowned EarthSpirit Photographer Linda Yraceburu, this book showcases more than 200 images, including panoramas, shot from Hawaii to Florida. Tracing the leylines of Hawaii and Arizona, California and New Mexico, the Yraceburus led 20 pilgrimages over the course of 10 years, featuring some of the most breathtaking moments of awakening to nature to be found. Time-relevant words, prayers, and vast earth wisdom bring reverance to our connection. Offerings, Elders, community, sacred story and landscape repeat a ancient tradition. This remarkable blending of Maria and Linda's work attracts multitudes to learn their unique perspective on life. This book will not fail to astonish and humble you with their understanding, and willingness to share. PRAISE FOR LINDA AND MARIA'S WORK: "Moving, transforming, imbued with power and presence. Lynda and Maria create a bridge between the worlds that we are all invited to cross." – Alberto Villoldo, PhD., author of Shaman, Healer, Sage "A glimpse inside the ocean of love & mercy". – Arielle Ford "I see a tapestry of dreamy images, of the known and unknown, of passing life's delicacy in harmony with the earth's permanency. I see the glorious gift of divine love brought forth from the stillness of time." – Kilipaka Ontai, kumu


Publication Date
Nov 11, 2022
Art & Photography
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By (author): Maria Yraceburu, By (author): Lynda Yraceburu


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