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Murderer at the Carnival!

ByLyndia Glover

The winter of 2003 had been a dreary, bleak time. At last, on March 1st trees began budding. Detective Cheerie (large male cream colored cat) and I (Bentley Brighton) were anxious for spring. The sun was shining and the temperature had risen. We went to Brook Central park to watch people and their dogs. Soon after we arrived an organ grinder with his little monkey approached us. He wanted to meet the famous Detective Cheerie. "I am with the Delgado Carnival out on Hwy. 13," he said. There had not been a murder all winter in London. Was it to cold for murderers to get out? The next day Inspector Jiles called. The body of a young woman had been discovered out on Hwy. 13. She had met with foul play. All of the staff of the Delgado Carnival became suspects. Detective Cheerie would soon be investigating there. Little did we know that he soon would be in a life or death situation in the line of duty! **Eighty-first book in the series** Watch for new books!


Publication Date
Jan 22, 2015
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Lyndia Glover



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