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Love Without The Drama

ByLynetta Jordan

Your Relationship Destiny Does NOT Have To Repeat Your History! God Wants You To Experience LOVE WITHOUT THE DRAMA! Journey with dynamic author, speaker and minister Lynetta Jordan as she coaches you out of relationship drama into your relationship dreams. In LOVE WITHOUT THE DRAMA, Lynetta empowers you to overcome love setbacks so you can experience your love comeback! Discover Three Things Every Woman Wants and Every Man Needs. Learn strategies to make your marriage sizzle or live successfully single. This power-packed inspirational book will help you heal from the heartbreak that has held you back, help deliver you from the drama that has delayed your dreams, and equip, encourage, empower and inspire YOU to experience LOVE WITHOUT THE DRAMA! When you love better, you live better. So whether you are single and seeking, happily married, married and miserable, distressed or divorced, LOVE WITHOUT THE DRAMA overflows with help, hope and healing for you!


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Lynetta Jordan



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