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Dynamic Pranava Meditation

Dynamic Pranava Meditation

Towards a Higher Mantra Yoga

ByMāntrikadevaMaarten Goddijn

Reconnect with the Divinity all around you! A simple but powerful mantra meditation technique is explained in this book. With the help of Patañjali's Yoga Sūtras, we zoom in to the details of its process and provide it with context, aiming to allow you to experience those all for yourself eventually, through practice and repetition. Māntrikadeva's empowering and layered approach seeks to bring you clarity and further your search for Self-Realisation & Liberation. With its unique method, it will be an enrichment to all contemporary spiritual seekers, whether serious beginners or advanced practitioners. Essentially reconnecting you to the three basic modes of energy that are at the heart of all phenomena — whether inside or outside ourselves, whether coarse or subtle — Dynamic Praṇava Meditation is a gateway back to our primordial nature as a Spirit that aeons ago chose to incarnate in order to learn, grow and be of better use. Gradually applying the technique described in this book to all details of our lives, we will surely rediscover the Divine spark all around us! About the author A young & dynamic spiritual leader, Māntrikadeva is devoting his life to raising the vibration of Mantra Yoga. Aiming to bring people not only more harmony and better health, but to bring them closer to Self-Realisation and to teach them to become creative & autonomous spiritual agents, consciously cooperating in the evolution of our species, our planet & our solar system. While some spiritual teachers lean more towards morality, he prefers to work through methodology. Stimulating practitioners to find their own Inner Teacher, instead of depending on the words of others and to seek the Divine with their feet firmly grounded in the world. Through his organisation Varṇamāntrika, he teaches Yoga courses for beginners up to advanced practitioners. By combining these with meditations on Sound, Speech & Colour he gradually shows them the magical way to Higher Mantra Yoga. In the summer/autumn of 2023 the Higher Mantra Cloud Community was founded.


Publication Date
Oct 30, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Māntrikadeva, By (author): Maarten Goddijn, Edited by: Keidi Keating, Photographs by: Jasmijn Vriethoff



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